Strategy is not operational excellence. Strategy is not achieving ‘sales target’ or meeting individual ‘goals & objectives’. Strategy is the ability of a company to perform tasks and activities in a unique or different way than its competition. In today’s competitive world processes and products can be copied and your competition can beat you at your own game.

In order to stay ahead of the game, company should continuously improvise, innovate, and or identify processes that are unique and different to perform any activity or a task. 4Ci’s strategy helps improve cost efficiency, incremental operations excellence, and identified techniques that elevate an ‘ordinary recruiting process’ to an ‘extraordinary recruiting process’.

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To successfully execute a strategy it is critical to understand our customer’s business, their demands and priorities. There should be a clear demarcation between customer expectations, their modus operandi, and recruiting challenges. It is impossible for one strategy to meet all the above needs. Our strategy has to be more in line with client’s business model, in other words, establishing a true customer centric recruiting model that incorporates an intelligent blend of ad-hoc, tactical and strategic sourcing models. .

We are the brand that global consulting firms and system integrators trust when it comes integrity in work ethics and reliability in work performance. As your trusted business partner our people work alongside your project teams to deliver on our promises and commitments.

We are not in the game just to reap rewards but also to share and manage your risks and challenges every step of the way. 4Ci is the trusted business partner for global consulting firms & system integrators when it comes to providing consulting services for client facing, heterogeneous,

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web based systems driven by complex business rules to automate government funded social and economic benefits via programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Child Welfare / Child Care, Early Learning, LiHEAP, Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Affordable Health Care Exchange (ACA), Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Child Support Enforcement (CSE), & Medicaid Information Management Systems (MMIS).

4Ci has strategic collaboration with world’s largest consulting firm to professionally train consultants on software programming languages and tools. Investment in state of the art infrastructure, live hands-on classroom style training and strategic collaboration with our client makes 4Ci’s training program unique.


Following criteria applies for selection into Academy 2.0 training program:

Academic Background

Review of undergraduate and graduate academic credentials. GPA score of B (3.0) is required.

Graduation /Post Graduation Stream

Candidates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) graduation stream is required. Non-STEM graduates selection is evaluated on case to case basis.

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Aptitude Test

Candidates are required to clear aptitude test conducted by industry leading web portals. GRE, GMAT, SAT scores shall be acceptable in lieu of aptitude test.

Technical Evaluation

Candidate are required to go through a technical interview with 4Ci trainers to make an assessment of their technical ability to code, write software programs.


Formal interview is conducted with 4Ci training coordinator prior to enrolling into academy program. The interview is conducted to identify candidate’s personal interests, commitment levels, career plans.

There are many challenges in workforce industry such as quality of candidates, deliverability, authenticity of credentials and work experience, commitment to stay through life of the project and several others.

How do you as a client overcome these challenges? How can you ensure that your suppliers stay in compliance SLAs always? How do you monitor performance of your suppliers? Do you have access to necessary data to analyze what works, does not work in your workforce management program?

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Do you have system in place to validate authenticity of information, experience, and competency of your contract labor? 4Ci can help you find answers to these and several other questions and furthermore we can help you implement and manage a high-quality workforce
4Ci works as your trusted advisor to provide you with high quality and effective managed services program. As your MSP partner we have access to local, specialized or generic staffing suppliers to build a high performing supply chain for your business needs.

Our Managed Services Framework (MSF) is designed to support ad-hoc, dynamic, and strategic business needs of our clients. From talent acquisition process to project completion, 4Ci managed services framework has processes designed to support operational, financial, and administrative tasks. Our KPI system delivers real time scorecard for the supply chain to view their performance online, anytime.

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Since 2000 we have been delivering cost effective, high quality services for our clients. With our approach you will be able to achieve process optimization, cost optimization and avoidance, and manage your contingent workforce needs in a highly structured and efficient manner.
We provide MSP solutions to meet your turnkey or specific business needs.

4Ci has built a reputation as a trusted, dependable, and experienced provider of advisory services in compliance with FEMA guidelines. Our workforce specializes in providing disaster response and recovery from natural catastrophes.

Advisory Services

We provide services related to financial management, grant management, program management & oversight, and planning services.

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Rules & Regulations

Our workforce has experience and knowledge with various rules, regulations, and programs for disaster & emergency response and recovery management guidelines as mandated by federal & state government and respective agencies.

Establishing Relationships Based on Trust, Knowledge, and Integrity

At 4Ci we strongly believe that professional work ethics, integrity, trust, and knowledge are the foundation of any business. Our business relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees are built on these principles. We are the brand our customers, employees, and suppliers trust.

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We offer ideas that raise your business above the expected