ReSAM Managed Services Framework
Turnkey Solution

As your trusted business advisor, we use consultative approach to help you select supply chain, recommend suppliers form our network, select vendor management, performance monitoring, time & expense, and reporting systems that best meets your business needs. As your advisor we provide you with program management team to manage, monitor, and audit implementation of technical systems and vendor selection process.

Our on-premise program manager and operations team comprises of experienced professionals that have hands on experience in managing day to day business. From quick allocation of task orders, identification of vendors, selection of qualified resumes, scheduling interviews, confirmation and purchase order management, on-boarding, collaborating and communicating with client team members, we have pre-defined processes, roles and responsibilities identified to ensure that every business need is managed with precision and in compliance with service level agreements. A dedicated team of technical and administrative support specialists help our clients with issue management,

administrative and documentation tasks, billing and invoicing, payment reconciliation and other such ancillary tasks.

Our turnkey solution delivers following benefits for our clients:
Business Process Optimization by analyzing and re-engineering existing processes, identification of gaps in the system and designing an effective solution.

Cost Optimization by re-allocating resources and tasks efficiently thereby improving productivity and performance.

Improvised Risk Mitigation by continuously monitoring and reviewing legal compliances for co-employment, 1099/IC, FLSA, and other relevant government laws and regulations.

Productivity Optimization by implementing practical, sustainable changes and improvisation in procurement process automation, spend management, business reporting and by eliminating redundant, unwanted processes and tasks thereby saving time for hiring and procurement managers.

ReXSM Managed Services Framework
Focused Approach for (SOW) and Project Staffing Work

As your on-premise managed service provider, we focus on business and cost optimization by rapidly consolidating existing supply chain, streamlining overall procurement process for contract labor, and improving utilization of existing resources. This approach is best suitable for an individual department or a specific project group within an organization with specific business needs such as statement of work (SOW) hires.

Our program manager and business specialists work with procurement and hiring managers to review, analyze, and identify areas of improvisation in current sourcing methods and systems for contract labor, evaluate productivity of existing suppliers using key performance indicators, and review compliance with 1099/IC, FLSA, government laws.

Service delivered using ReXSM managed services framework include:
  • Supply Chain Optimization by evaluating performance of pre-approved suppliers.
  • Streamline sourcing process and systems for optimal utilization.
  • Manage existing pool of contract labor and suppliers.
  • Manage financial transactions including accounts payable, receivables, invoicing and billing, payment reconciliation.
  • Managing information and documents for audit.
  • Implement measures to comply with 1099/IC, FLSA, Service Act, ACA compliances etc.