Requirements and Applicant Tracking System

Efficient management of task orders (requirements), consultants, and vendors can help streamline the process for task order management, talent acquisition, performance reporting, and vendor management.

At the very basic level this system helps automate processes associated with task order (TO) release and management (open and archived), bidding and candidate profile management, vendor profile management, contract management, and basic performance reporting.

The system is best applied in scenarios where the customer needs are limited, isolated and do not require in-depth reporting, business analytics or integration of contract labor process with other systems within the organization. Small staffing companies, single instance project implementations, contract labor spend within $5 to $10 million per annum are some examples.

Vendor Management System

Procurement process of contract labor from one business to another can vary drastically and as a vendor neutral supplier we advise our customers on vendor management system that best meets their business needs.

We stay focused on providing managed services which is our passion and there is where we excel.

As your trusted advisor we share our knowledge and experiences of working with industry leading vendor management systems. Our business and technology specialists provide you with information and guidance to help you make intelligence decision on what vendor management system best meets your need.

4Ci works as your trusted advisor to provide you with high quality and effective managed services program. As your MSP partner we have access to local, specialized or generic staffing suppliers to build a high performing supply chain for your business needs.

Our Managed Services Framework (MSF) is designed to support ad-hoc, dynamic, and strategic business needs of our clients. From talent acquisition process to project completion, 4Ci managed services framework has processes designed to support operational, financial, and administrative tasks. Our KPI system delivers real time scorecard for the supply chain to view their performance online, anytime.

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Since 2000 we have been delivering cost effective, high quality services for our clients. With our approach you will be able to achieve process optimization, cost optimization and avoidance, and manage your contingent workforce needs in a highly structured and efficient manner.
We provide MSP solutions to meet your turnkey or specific business needs.

Multi State M/WBE, DBE, SBE, HUB, US UCP DoT DBE Certified Corporation.

4Ci provides consulting, workforce management, advisory, and managed services for government funded social and economic benefit programs such TANF, SNAP, Child Welfare / Child Care, Early Learning, LiHEAP, CHIP, Affordable Health Care Exchange, Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Child Support Enforcement, & Medicaid Information Management Systems (MMIS).

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