4Ci has developed a highly “agile staffing model” dubbed as “ReSAM (ReSORCE Staff Augmentation Model))”. We understand that staffing needs of our clients can be highly dynamic and challenging. 4Ci’s unique ‘ReSAM’ approach is specifically designed to support ad-hoc, tactical, and strategic staffing and contractual needs of its clients.

ReSAM staffing model has pre-built processes for ensuring compliance with guidelines and policies, such as background checks, FLSA, DOL guidelines, ACA, Affirmative Action Plan, EEO, Non Discrimination Policy and others. This strategy allows us to minimize and eliminate any options of non-compliance with Government mandated policies, guidelines, and laws.

4Ci’s staffing model comprises of Contract Administration Plan (ReCAP), Extended Support Model (ReXSM), Talent Acquisition Process (ReTAP), Engagement Governance Model (xGOV), and Service Execution Plan (ReSEP).