Vendor Management

Building relationships with vendors can be complex and time-consuming task. It is important that in a client vendor relationship expectation, business objectives, and ethics are well thought of and executed upon a successful partnership. And more importantly building relationships based on principles of trust, integrity, and knowledge is critical for overall success of the program.

Vendor strategy is no longer about managing costs and manpower. Vendors are an inherent part of the risks, challenges, failures, and success while trying to achieve mutually beneficial goals and objectives.

4Ci works with global consulting firms, system integrators, and fortune 500 companies and advises them on creation of a successful partnership with their vendors. 4Ci can help you build a strategy for selection and effective management of vendor management program for your contingent labor needs. Services provided under this program are:

  • Vendor selection and onboarding using vendor management software.
  • Implement software for centralized procurement of contingent labor.
  • Establish Governance Model for efficient management of Contracts and Service Execution Plan.
  • Provide onsite management of contract labor procured from selected vendors.
  • Reduce overall cost of procurement by providing best value candidate based on price and technical competency.
  • Manage risk associated with government mandated policies and individual state laws.
  • Manage vendor performance by implementing ‘Key Performance Indicator’ scorecard system.
  • Establish mentor protégé program to ensure performance of selected vendors is as per client expectations.
  • Develop vendor policy and compliance guidelines.
  • Conduct periodic audits with respect to service level agreements
  • Contingent Workforce Strategy

    We are trusted business partner for clients when to comes to sharing expertise, knowledge, and guidance in understanding, execution, and ensuring compliance with policies, guidelines, and procedures for working with independent contractors, 1099, pay-rolling, and on-site management of contingent labor program.

    4Ci offers strategic suite of consulting services that can help you:

  • Establish and manage your contingent workforce program.
  • Develop and implement guidelines to ensure compliance with independent contractors and 1099 workers.
  • Manage pay-rolling services for your contingent labor.
  • Establish supply chain guidelines and manage your supply chain for your contingent labor needs.
  • Performance audits typically examine the effectiveness, economy or efficiency of a government program. 4Ci has experienced personnel to analyze the services of a department or the agency and compare actual practices against prescribed guidelines as per the government policies, seek possible cost savings and identify actual outcomes of the program. Type of business audits performed by 4Ci personnel are as follows:
  • Operational Audits
  • Key Performance Indicator Audits
  • Contract Audit
  • Vendor Performance Audits
  • Managed Services Program Audits
  • Financial & Data Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Cybersecurity Audits

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